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Parades in Crestall.   

The ecological vegetable garden easy 

Author:   Gaspar Caballero de Segovia 
Year:   2002 (1st Ed.) 
Languages:   Spanish-English // Catalan-Japanese // French-German 
Pages:   115 
Binding:   Rustic;   Color Dimensions:   28 x 23 cms.   Weight:   675 grs. 
Description:   This manual shows how to grow the organic garden easily, for families, schools, public spaces and / or farms. Content: Introduction. Tools and utensils Mini greenhouse and tutors. How to make a "Stop in Crestall" step by step. Botanical families, distribution and rotation by families, planting frame and sowing calendar. Realization of an ecological garden with the Gaspar Caballero de Segovia method. Rotation. "Fems de Bassa", the native compost of Mallorca. Ecosystem. Some examples of ecological gardens with the Gaspar method.